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Sell Your Home in 8 Steps - Tip #6

May 15, 2018

TIP #6 Negotiate

When an offer has been made on your home, you may then accept the offer, reject it, or counter it. Countering an offer begins negotiation. There are often one or more counteroffers and compromise is a crucial part of the process. As the seller, you can help facilitate to move the offer to a final sales agreement.

Basic principles for successful negotiation:

  • Disclose everything. Smart sellers proactively go above and beyond legal necessity to disclose all known defects to their buyers. Most states have property disclosure forms. Use them.
  • Ask questions. Offers may contain complicated terminology, sometimes three or more addenda. Your professional agent can help to clarify.
  • Respond quickly. When buyers make an offer, they are in the mood to buy. But moods change, and buyers are known to get buyers’ remorse. Don’t delay if you want the sale.
  • Stay calm and be patient. At all times keep communication civil and agreeable.
  • Meet halfway. If there are disagreements about relatively small expenses, consider splitting the difference and smile.
  • Be cautious with contingencies. When you’ve landed your buyer, your signed acceptance of a written offer becomes a sales contract. Except for removing any contingencies, this document is the binding basis for the sale.
  • Rely on your real estate professional. It’s your agent’s responsibility to represent your best interests every step of the way. Your success is their success.

In the event that there are obstacles, your real estate professional is your strongest ally and best resource, finding solutions, negotiating on your behalf and moving things in the right direction. You can count on Joel’s expertise and keen negotiation skills to arrive at a fair price that both you and your buyer can agree upon. Contact Joel Schantz today at 800.530.8899 or